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The engineering company for technical cybernetics, or ITK in German, develops software for the following sectors: automotive, aviation, railway engineering, medical systems, and robotics. Over 1,200 engineers, IT specialists, and scientists take on new and exciting challenges at ITK every day. And we continue to grow. Come put your skills to the test. Apply now! At ITK, you will find diverse projects, an informally working environment, an attractive work-life balance, and the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Challenging and fostering staff: We are looking for experts who can apply their skills to develop solutions that inspire and dazzle our customers. In addition, we are looking for team players who can master challenges together and help expand our business areas. And we are looking for people willing to take on responsibility. Most of all, we are looking for people who are passionate about their work.

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Michael Englert
Founder and Chairman of ITK Engineering GmbH

What we do – technical cybernetics in practice.

Software engineering and embedded systems engineering.

Embedded systems define our everyday life. We don’t see them, but they are omnipresent.

Model-based development and testing.

A key element in developing complex systems is the testing of system components and the overall system.

Control systems design and signal processing.

ITK’s roots lie in technical cybernetics – the scientific study of control systems.

We make machines smart.

Efficient. Innovative. Collaborative.

We work shoulder to shoulder with our customers; an approach that makes us stand out from conventional providers of engineering services. We instead serve as a genuine partner for digitalization, connectivity, automation, image processing, powertrain concepts, eHealth, cognitive systems, and much more.

Our tailored solutions for embedded systems, apps, and desktop applications are diverse and enhance many products. Perhaps you have unknowingly been using our products for years now – in your car, for instance. That’s because we put our areas of core expertise – such as control systems design, model-based design, systems engineering, safety, and security – to use in making many types of machines smart. If you find this topic equally fascinating, then send us your application.

What we are known for.

As an engineering partner to various companies, we let our customer’s products do the talking – even though our solutions are embedded in countless vehicles, devices, and machines. We would, however, like to mention a few of our projects.

Keep your finger on our pulse: Latest news at ITK.

We develop tomorrow’s technologies. ITK thus regularly blazes new trails. It’s no wonder that we often have something new to report, introduce, or honor.

Our ITK culture

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