Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

2019 was all about the motto “25 years of ITK – a journey through time”, and this is also how we would like to begin today’s blog entry.


Once upon a time…

… in 1994, Michael Englert founded the company ITK Engineering. Back then, it was still called Ingenieurbüro für technische Kybernetik in a small basement office in Kuhardt.

And what became of that today? ITK has grown – with over 1200 employees at ten national and four international locations, ITK Engineering is a highly sought-after development partner for various branches such as automotive, transportation, building technology, aerospace, medical technologies, motorsports and robotics. But enough of theory.  😊.

Such a jubilee should be celebrated properly. We had 90s revival parties in the summer. Also, individual office locations thought up awesome events distributed throughout the year such as registration events for the DKMS, the push-up competition, film nights and also the small give-aways for the coworkers: from ITK Adiletten to beanies and T-Shirts.

Here’s to the next 25 years!

Saskia Hoffmann