PhD Student Leonard Stepien
3 questions to Leonard Stepien

Leonard is the first to complete his doctoral thesis at ITK via Bosch’s PhD program. In his dissertation, he builds a co-simulation that enables a holistic view of key stakeholders for the development of future mobility concepts. We talked to him to find out more:

1.     What are the stakeholders’ interests?
Users of e-vehicles want to charge their cars as conveniently and quickly as possible at any time. On the other hand, operators of charging infrastructure are interested in high utilization. Plus, there are power grids, which require the most even distribution with a focus on off-peak periods.

2.     What is the goal?
In the end, I would like to develop a tool that helps cities and municipalities plan their public charging infrastructure in a way that makes public charging infrastructure work as efficiently as possible, while being future-proof.

3.     What impact will it have on electromobility?
We will only achieve the turnaround to electromobility with charging infrastructure. The task now is to use public charging infrastructure to address user groups that do not have their own parking space. Building charging infrastructure is crucial for the spread of electromobility.


Thank you Leonard, for sharing your insights with us!
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