Academic internship Autonomous Crane is moving on to round 2

Once again, we are offering an academic internship together with Technical University of Munich for information technology students.

The first kick-off meeting took place under brilliant sunshine at our Munich branch in Martinsried. Preceding this, the students were engaged in a two-day scrum training to be best prepared for their upcoming project.

While their predecessors worked on autonomous processes of an arm, such as the recognition of and, with the help of a magnet, the raising of an object, this time we are going a step further. The task for this internship is to program the crane so that it can autonomously recognize an object, drive to it and also grab it. In the coming weeks, the students will also process sensor data, calculate set points of motors and trajectories, design the controller and, of course, invest time into image processing and object recognition. Of course, our colleagues are always available to provide help and advice in the regular Sprint meetings.

With all that backup, not a thing could go wrong ūüėČ

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Saskia Hoffmann