eCall: The guardian angel in the vehicle - Made by ITK

Since 31 March, 2018, the eCall is obligatory for all new vehicles in Europe. This refers to a permanently installed emergency call assistant, like a kind of guardian angel, which automatically alerts the local paramedics in emergencies. It is also manually possible for passengers to alarm paramedics by activating a button in the passenger area. This system functions across Europe so that in an accident during a vacation, the local paramedics can also be alerted.

We interviewed our project leader Denis what exactly this project is all about.

Denis, can you please briefly explain, what eCall is about?

This control device, on which eCall functions, registers the accident and starts the emergency call sequence. For this, specific data is collected, for example:

  1. When was the accident registered?
  2. What kind of vehicle is it?
  3. What energy storage does the vehicle have?
  4. Where is the vehicle?

This data is transmitted to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). The PSAP first receives the data package for the accident and is then sent to the vehicle occupants via voice. The PSAP employee then initiates all further steps to rescue the accident victims.

The automatic emergency call as well as the position data of the vehicle guarantee a fast rescue of the accident victims. There is no need to explain where you are at the moment, and even if the vehicle is not directly visible from the road, it can be quickly recovered by the GPS coordinates. This increases the chances of survival for accident victims.

What is exciting about the project?

The special thing about this project is the purpose it serves. When I picture our work saving lives, I’m extremely proud of it. It also comes with technical perks! The automotive industry is going through big changes. More and more control devices are to offer an increasing about of innovative solutions. This yields a lot of technological potential and is a really nice playing field for every “Techie”. In this project, our engineers work on a distributed embedded system throughout the whole development process, so from requirements analysis and design to implementation and testing.

How can we imagine the project team?

The specialist team Cyber Physical Systems from Lollar currently consists of 14 employees and deals with the intelligent networking of embedded systems via global communication media. To monitor and control physical systems and to make machines even more intelligent. Together with two other experienced colleagues, we are working on the eCall project within our specialist team. All other colleagues work on other projects that are at least as exciting 😉

What opportunities and development opportunities are there in the Cyber Physical Systems environment at ITK??

The four-note chord known in music is a chord in which four different tones ring out together. Thematically, our expert team is oriented towards such a four-note chord. Four different subject areas which resonate together and which the expert team CPS forms: Platform Enabler, Connecter, White Hat and Data Scientist. The platform enabler provides solutions on platforms, such as the development of basic software or the optimization of existing algorithms for specific target platforms. The connecter lets machines talk to each other. The white hats ensure the protection of information and the data scientists create added value from large amounts of data. Depending on which topic is interesting for a colleague, he can unfold freely here and immerse himself deeply in the matter. He has a strong team at his side. In addition to professional development, we accompany each individual in his or her personal goals. Be it the qualification in a certain direction or the striving for a leadership position.

Denis, thank you so much for the talk!

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