Digitalization, connectivity and cognition.

ITK in Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Manufacturing is becoming increasingly digitalized. Many small and medium-sized companies in Germany are steadily digitalizing their production. Some are looking to stay ahead of the game by speeding up their production processes or are considering robust, fully automated production. Especially in disruptive times, they need intelligent suggestions on how to proactively make the best decisions for their facilities and equipment. Companies also require agile solutions that can evaluate, process, and log enormous volumes of data. On account of big data, there is growing demand for autonomous systems that provide forecasts, make and implement decisions, and learn from experiences.

So where does ITK come in? As a systems partner, we support our customers in the following ways: analyzing existing manufacturing processes; creating strategies that enable, introduce, and modify the digitalization and connectivity of your business processes; and consulting plus training in organizational development. With the help of smart algorithms and methods based on natural analog processes, we develop and implement customized Industry 4.0 solutions – and even cognitive systems.

One principle sums up our services: We meet the customer wherever they are. In other words, we jointly define a personalized path. This helps the customer apply cognitive solutions to evolve towards Industry X.X. in a process-oriented and functional manner. To this end, we focus in particular on fostering expertise in, and acceptance of, new technologies, as well as involving staff in change processes from the outset.

Join our team and help make the world digital, connected, and secure. You can choose from the following areas:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Technology assessment
  • Technology development and implementation
    • Algorithm development
    • Connecting machines and components to form entire smart systems
    • Development and implementation of cognitive solutions

Realizing Visions?

Develop tailor-made solutions for the Internet of Things.

Network technology, various interfaces, and organizational changes: A lot of challenges can arise on our customers’ journey to the Internet of Things. To meet their goals, ITK Engineering develops the right strategy and designs tailor-made solutions for the digital transformation. Based on our considerable expertise in many sectors, we connect different technological components and integrate existing solutions to an overall system. Be part of our team and apply now!


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