Health care today: digital, connected, secure.

ITK and medical engineering.

Digitalization is the driving force for innovations in medical technology. The exchange of data between systems in healthcare facilities and wearables is only one example of e-health and telemedicine influencing the daily lives of patients. Our range of services includes the development of connected solutions as well as medical devices and apps for diverse fields of applications – from prevention, diagnosis, intervention, and therapy to rehab, care, and fitness. Assistance systems and robotics are becoming increasingly important in medical technology. With our expertise, we not only provide doctors, surgeons, and nurses with new opportunities for treatment, but among other things, also make possible new forms of prosthetics.

At ITK Engineering, a team of control systems engineers, software developers, system architects, and mechatronics engineers implement intelligent and user-friendly assistants for a variety of applications.

Join our team and help identify new solutions – for better diagnoses, more targeted treatment, and faster healing.

To the jobs
  • Disinfection and sterilization systems
  • Medical apps for bipolar disorders
  • Medical early-warning systems
  • Imaging systems
  • Data analysis
  • Connected surgery
  • Surgical equipment
  • Dentistry
  • Operating microscopes
  • Personalized therapy
  • Training
  • Robotic assistance
  • Patient mobilization
  • Prosthetics
  • Ambient assisted living
  • Smart home care
  • Dementia
  • Body sensors to capture vital data
  • Personal health

Standard-compliant system development according to EN ISO 13485 for customer-specific solutions:

  • Medical apps
  • Wearables
  • Assistance systems and robotics
  • E-health / Medical cloud
  • Medical devices
  • Cognitive health
  • Augmented and virtual reality


Be part of our team and help develop systems that alleviate afflictions and save lives. Have a look at some ITK projects:

Revolution in catastrophe protection.

Stefan joined ITK Engineering as a professional after earning his doctorate and leading a research department at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe. He now works as a project leader in the medical systems project RescueWave® and offers an insight into the daily work routine of his multifaceted job in this interview.

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My journey into medical systems.

The launching pad: Nicole first came to ITK as an intern during her studies. Today she works with us as a systems tester in the medical systems field. In the following interview, Nicole tells us of her journey into the field of medical systems. She also has a couple of tips for selecting the right degree program.

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Operate in a virtual operating room.

We support training programs for medical students – and “virtual” is the magic word. Our virtual operating room simulates a remarkable variety of scenarios that grant doctors-to-be firsthand experience. A system provides haptic feedback to realistically simulate various tissue properties. This allows students to operate as often as desired as well as instructors to observe and evaluate for educational and training purposes.

Our heart beats digitally.

With perfection, precision and passion at heart we’re shaping tomorrow’s healthcare technology.

Since 1994 the healthcare division has been developing innovative medical products with such passion and enthusiasm because we care about people’s health. With this mission we have grown over the years and today we support our customers with our interdisciplinary team of over 130 specialists for holistic systems engineering as a catalyst for inspiration and a solution-finder.

Save lives with RescueWave®.

Reaching injured people faster.

RescueWave® enables emergency medical specialists to quickly get an overview of catastrophes and mass-casualty incidents in a rapid, systematic manner. Rescue personnel can thus very quickly obtain important details on the number and severity of injuries. This information enables them to give clear advice to the medical specialists – in turn facilitating a speedy response and effective treatment that saves lives.


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