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ITK in motorsports.

The customer’s goals are our goals. For years now, we have been supporting teams of notable racing-car manufacturers in designing and developing smart software and smart electronic components – with enormous success. Our technology partnership with Audi Sport, for example, included supporting the development of the Audi R 18 e-tron quattro, which won the 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

As a strategic partner, we assist our customers in developing new, customized functions that decisively improve the likelihood of victory. Together with the racing teams, we continuously optimize their racing vehicles in extremely short development cycles. After all, that reflects the true spirit of racing: We regularly develop robust, dependable algorithms and electronic components with the clock ticking. Thanks to model-based methods and end-to-end virtual environments, we can test individual components and their interaction before they even hit the racetrack. Distributed functionalities, such as hybrid or switching strategies, can be particularly advantageous in this regard. As such, we ensure the quality of new functions at a very early stage of the development process. In turn, our customers benefit from our continuous and comprehensive approach to service. This includes a requirements analysis, development and implementation, and service support at the racetrack.

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ITK in Formula E

ITK & Formula Student

ITK in Formula E.

Every second counts in development and racing.

For decades, motorsports and huge combustion engines were inseparable. More and more alternatives are emerging, however, and many auto racing series are rethinking their approaches. As we’ve seen in the automobile industry as a whole, new powertrain solutions such as electromobility are becoming increasingly important; and energy efficiency plays a major role. It no longer matters who is the fastest, but instead who can finish first while using as little energy as possible.

As a result, some race tracks are no longer overpowered by the deafening roar of motors and the smell of gasoline! In the Formula E racing series, electric race cars compete for victory. Still integral to the race is a lot of excitement, action, and cutting-edge technologies!


Formula Student is all about adrenalin, passion, emotions, and the thrill of driving. For the students who make up the teams, the work involved is equally exhilarating: they develop and construct their own race car in a matter of months, market their idea, organize events, and do a whole lot more that makes their job exciting and fun. A number of international teams compete against each other at the annual Formula Student competitions. The events witness unflagging commitment and sleepless nights fueled by the desire to once again score the highest points and take home the prize. On the one hand design, cost, and business plan are scrutinized as part of the static disciplines. The dynamic tests, on the other hand, put the race cars through their paces in terms of skid pad (driving in the shape of an 8), acceleration, autocross (800 m-long handling course), and endurance.

We are extremely proud that our passion for motorsports has helped us guide some of the teams in developing their race cars for the event. You can find the latest information on Formula Student events and teams in our news section.

We presently support the following three teams:


KARaceIng  Team

With the development of their electric race car the KA-RaceIng Team competes with Formula Student teams from around the world. ITK supports KA-RaceIng since the season 2019/20.


Green Team Uni Stuttgart

The fascinating world of motorsports! Over 50 students are working on their own race cars – so they can drive with the pedal to the metal at the Formula Student competition and take home the trophy!


Lions Racing Team

For the first time we support Lions Racing Team from Braunschweig. Since 2002 they compete in Formula Student competitions around the world. We look forward to this season.


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