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ITK in the off-highway sector.

You will find ITK solutions not only on the road, but off the beaten path as well. This is because software is playing an increasingly greater role in making agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and special vehicles more secure, efficient, and autonomous.

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Agricultural technology

Construction equipment

Using smart software to improve crop yields?

In agricultural technology, software and electronics directly affect productivity. This requires not just different vehicle types, such as tractors or combine harvesters, but also mounted implements that handle additional agricultural tasks such as fertilizing, sowing, or spraying. As a result, reusable software, high efficiency, and effectiveness are key aspects in development.

That is precisely what we provide our clients with, in the form of model-based development methods, AUTOSAR/ISOBUS, and XiL technologies. In addition, ITK offers real-time applications and semi-autonomous control solutions with future-proof architectures for mounted implements. To this end, we pool our knowledge in control systems engineering, signal processing, and image processing.

When machines learn to see.

Greater safety at construction sites.

Occupational safety plays a pivotal role wherever heavy machinery is in operation and many metric tons of building material are transported. Driver-assistance systems, which have proven their roadworthiness in recent decades and have reduced the number of accidents, are increasingly popular on construction sites.

Uneven and sometimes non-drivable surfaces, complex obstacles, and difficult environmental conditions with strong vibrations and dirt pose new challenges for system developers.


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