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Railway engineering has firmly set its sights on the future: Growing demands from customers will be met and increasing digitalization will take place with the help of electronic components and functions in modern trains. As a result, the role of software and the complexity of its development is growing – above all due to the high level of connectivity with infrastructure. However, one of the key tasks of railway engineering is not only the efficient development of safety-relevant systems but also ensuring operation with maximum availability. As systems for secure and timely communication open up, their security must also be ensured in order to protect the highly networked systems against unauthorized access.

These are precisely the challenges that ITK takes on and – as a long-term development partner of operators, system suppliers, and component manufacturers – supports the implementation of modern railway technologies. In order to make complex systems manageable, we apply agile and model-based development methods, develop scalable architectures, and use integrated tool chains. Efficient testing strategies and quality-assurance methods ensure the high safety integrity of the products.

Jump aboard and support us in developing innovative solutions for rail transportation in the areas such as:

  • Fully digital service for rail customers
  • Automatic train operation
  • Secure and reliable tracking
  • Predictive diagnosis
  • Cybersecurity
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