Smart and autonomous in special applications.

ITK in the field of robotics.

Whether it is carrying out highly precise incisions during an operation, mastering dangerous situations, or taking over everyday tasks: Robotics has made its mark in industry, healthcare, business and even our homes. And it’s developing at a steady pace. With our solutions for security and safety-relevant mechatronic systems, our aim is to open up additional application areas for robotics. After all, robotics has been a key topic since ITK’s founding and has been included in our projects again and again. In this field, our focus lies in drafting and implementing robot-control units as well as electronic and mechanical development. Each project offers something new and exciting: Diverse requirements of different customers and areas of application ensure that no two systems are exactly alike.

We pool our areas of expertise by leveraging methods and technologies from industrial robotics and research, and adapting them for medical applications to meet the challenges posed by increasing complexity as well as safety and security requirements. In the field of control systems, modern bus systems such as EtherCAT are increasingly important. Thanks to their flexibility and high transmission speeds, they help in mastering the increasing number of drives and sensors. To facilitate integration into medical devices and to implement complex algorithms, control logic is implemented more often than PLCs on embedded or industrial PCs. These oftens rely on a real-time Linux operating system instead of proprietary RTOS solutions. When implementing user interfaces, multimodal input options (visual, acoustic, haptic, etc.) are used in part to ensure easy operation – which in turn encourages hospital staff to accept and use the devices. Finally, we support development work targeting human-robot cooperation. Well known in many sectors of manufacturing, such systems are gaining ground in the medical field, as well.

Join us at ITK and help develop autonomous assistants. You can bring your knowledge to the table in fields such as:

  • Control systems engineering
  • Software development
  • Mechatronics
  • System modeling with calculations of kinematics and dynamics
  • Image processing
  • Object recognition

Examples of applications already implemented:

  • Bomb diffusion
  • Teleoperated excavators
  • Sewer renovation
  • Telemanipulation of a fusion reactor
  • Dental technology
  • Endoscope guidance system
  • Manipulator for spinal therapy in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Automated testing of touchscreen applications
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