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It all began in 1994 with one employee. Since then, ITK Engineering GmbH has grown to over 1200 engineers, computer scientists, physicists, and mathematicians. A very family-oriented corporate culture, 30 days of vacation per year, and much more: those are only a few reasons why employees feel at home at and identify with ITK.

Our success and growth mean that there are always new opportunities for employees here. Perhaps you will be the next one to join our team?

Achieving the extraordinary together.

What makes us so successful?

  • Cooperation and team spirit! A helpful attitude, constructive collaboration, peer-to-peer communication, and open doors on all levels are simply a given for us.
  • Passion for technological challenges – engineering blood flows in our veins.
  • High quality is a must: Because our goal is to inspire!


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Always one step ahead.

When it comes to technology, we are always up to date – and usually even a bit further. After all, demanding and future-oriented topics enthuse not only our employees, but our entire company!

At ITK, we work today on the technologies of tomorrow. Whether the project concerns cognitive systems, e-health, or innovative drive concepts: you will be part of our team and make contributions.

Exceptional employer.

We have very high expectations of our corporate leadership and our corporate culture. Do we meet this expectation? We eagerly solicit anonymous feedback from the people who know the answer: our employees.

We are content only if internal and external opinions match. Naturally, we are particularly happy about accolades. In other words, proof that an excellent job is waiting for you.



How strong is the digital competence of our employees? How is data security and data safety handled? What role do cloud services play in companies? These are just a few of the many questions that have to be convincing in the face of FOCUS MONEY: The business magazine awarded ITK Engineering at the end of February as a Digital Champion. ITK made it in amongst the last 850 out of an original 13,000 companies and landed 2nd place in the category of IT Service Provider!


Find more information about this by visiting: https://www.deutschlandtest.de/digitalerwandel/


We are still a TOP employer!

For the eighth time in a row, ITK Engineering has been recognized by FOCUS BUSINESS, XING and kununu as one of the top employers: independent of industry, ITK was able to reserve the 95th place of around 1,000 companies and, within the field of “Research/Development/Knowledge”, achieved an excellent placement in 2nd place!

We are pleased about this recognition and are proud to be considered one of the best employers in Germany.

Siegel familienfreundlicher Arbeitgeber

ITK is a honored as a family friendliest employer!

In a recent study, Europe’s leading employer assessment platform kununu and the women’s magazine freundin asked employees of all professions and career levels to rate their employers’ family-friendliness. The results of more than two million evaluations of 2,000 enterprises flowed into this study, one was ITK Engineering. In the category Research/ Development/ Science/ Market Research category we achieved an excellent fourth place.

ITK – recommended by its associates!

According to our associates, ITK is a great place to work. Being honored as a top company by kununu, the largest employer-rating portal for German-speaking countries, is an accomplishment we value tremendously. This is because current and former employees evaluate companies on employee satisfaction and career opportunities.


With an excellent overall rating, ITK Engineering was voted Most Popular Employer in Germany out of 62,000 companies in spring 2012. The following year, ITK earned the title of Best Employer in the German State of Rhineland-Palatinate.


We are absolutely delighted by these accolades, as they prove that our efforts towards ensuring job satisfaction are sustainable and will bear more fruit in the long term. To be recommended by our associates speaks volumes for employee satisfaction, which is precisely our aim.

Complete rating

For the 7th time in a row honored as a TOP employer!

We made it again this year onto the top-ranking employers list of 2020. More than 900,000 companies were analyzed by the employer-rating platform kununu, of which 1,000 were honored.

Our placing in 2020 at a glance:

  • Overall placement: 95 from 1,000 companies
  • Category “Research, development and science”: 2nd place out of 11 companies


For the sixth time in a row, we were honoured as one of the top employers in the category “automotive and supplier”!

ITK once again ranks among the top employers in Germany.

According to the recent FOCUS rankings for 2018, ITK Engineering can once again count itself as one of the best companies to work for in Germany. As in previous years, Hamburg-based company Statista collaborated with the job portal XING and the employer-rating website kununu to conduct the survey from July to December 2017. The survey took into account over 127,000 employer reviews from a variety of rating platforms. ITK Engineering ranked 19th out of 81 in the Automotive & Suppliers category for medium-sized and large companies. When compared with only medium-sized companies in the same category, ITK retained its 4th-place ranking of the previous year.

ITK Engineering uniquely fosters up-and-comers, talented people, and specialists.

The MINT Minded Company Award – presented jointly by the audimax Medien GmbH publishing house and the MINT Zukunft schaffen initiative – honors companies that foster both young and skilled specialists working in a STEM discipline, known as MINT in German: mathematics, IT, natural sciences, and technology/engineering. What makes this accolade special is the fact that it’s MINT students who nominate candidates for this award. By signing the ten-point MINT Welcome declaration, ITK has acknowledged that MINT employees are truly essential to Germany’s economy.

ITK Engineering once again ranks among Germany’s top employers in 2017.

ITK Engineering retains an excellent position in FOCUS magazine’s 2017 ranking of Germany’s Best Employers. ITK was ranked 15th out of 84 in the category Medium-Sized Companies: Automotive & Suppliers, and 7th out of 54 companies in the category Consultancies, Agencies, Law Firms, Research, and Technology.

ITK once again ranks among the top employers in Germany.

In the 2016 rankings, ITK retained its position as Germany’s 3rd-best employer in the category Medium-Sized Companies: Automotive & Suppliers, and secured 4th place in the category Consultancies, Agencies, Law Firms, Research, and Technology.


The rankings are based on employees evaluating their managers and their company. In the largest German survey of its kind, FOCUS magazine teamed up with XING and kununu to identify the country’s best employers in 22 sectors that each employ more than 500 people.

FOCUS Award: ITK once again ranks among the top employers in Germany.

The news magazine FOCUS decided to find out once again what makes employees happy and what motivates them to stay with an employer – or find a new job. In the largest German survey of its kind, FOCUS collaborated with the job portal XING, the employer-rating website kununu, and the Hamburg-based institute of market research Statista to review employee responses across all hierarchies and age groups from 2,000 companies with a workforce of over 500.


In 2015, ITK Engineering retained excellent spots in FOCUS magazine’s ranking of Germany’s Best Employers”. The FOCUS survey of 70,000 employees saw ITK rank 3rd in the category Medium-Sized Companies: Automotive & Suppliers and 7th in the category Consultancies, Agencies, Law Firms, Research, and Technology. ITK Engineering was ranked 149 in the overall ranking of medium-sized and large companies in Germany.


A total of 806 medium-sized and large companies from 22 different sectors earned the FOCUS seal of approval.

FOCUS honors ITK with Germany’s top employer award.

In collaboration with XING and the employer-rating portal kununu, FOCUS magazine declared ITK Engineering as one of Germany’s best employers. The survey, which identified the 800 best employers with a workforce of over 500 each, based its rankings on the evaluations of 19,700 employees across all hierarchies and age groups as well as 23,200 evaluations from the kununu portal.


ITK was ranked the 3rd most popular medium-sized company in two categories: Automotive & Suppliers and Research & Consultancy.


According to FOCUS magazine’s editor-in-chief, only those companies that employees recommend to family and friends receive the FOCUS Top Employer 2014 seal of approval. We are truly proud of this honor, which motivates us to continue working on upholding our values and our associate-focused culture.


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