Commitment for the future.

As a successful company, we have a responsibility towards society, which we are happy to fulfill.

On the one hand, we help out in areas in which we are experienced: We support people on their career path and those pursuing studies in engineering. This is why we work closely with institutions of higher education throughout Germany. We support research projects, ensure knowledge transfer between educators and industry, and provide insights into the daily working environment of engineers through exciting programs, such as the ITK Student Award or the CAN Academy.

On the other hand, we look beyond our own backyard and support people in need through many different social projects.

The win-win-win situation.

For universities, for students, for us.

Direct contact with students, professors, and department chairs is very important to us. In addition to joint topics for internships and graduate thesis projects, we support our partner universities through guest lectures, seminars, and setting up test labs. In addition, we can be called on as a partner for student initiatives, such as …, to assist cutting-edge development projects. Prospective engineers are thus offered a diverse array of insights into their future field.

Full speed ahead for students.

Fascination Formula Student: Here students build their own race cars! ITK actively supports teams in the development and optimization of their vehicles. Developing functional and dependable systems is one thing. Fighting for hundredths of a second to ensure the last bit of performance is something completely different. Along with each team, we are gripped by ambition.

Formula Student

KA-RaceIng Team Karlsruhe

With the development of their electric race car the KA-RaceIng Team competes with Formula Student teams from around the world. ITK supports KA-RaceIng since the season 2019/20.

Green Team Uni Stuttgart

The fascinating world of motorsports! Over 50 students are working on their own race cars – so they can drive with the pedal to the metal at the Formula Student competition and take home the trophy!

Lions Racing Team

Since the season 2019/20 we support the Lions Racing Team from Braunschweig. Since 2002, the team regularly participates in competitions. We are looking forward to the next season together.

Versatility has an acronym: CAN.

Controller Area Network, in short CAN, is a very popular fieldbus. It is used in automotive electronics, in automation technology, in aerospace, and in medical technology.


This workshop provides varied and practical basic CAN concepts, which are directly applicable in each of the industries mentioned.

Workshop for students

A CAN Academy workshop takes place on two consecutive days during the project/study week.

Autonomous crane.

Together with ITK, the TU Munich advises students during their combined study internship. The goal is to build an autonomous crane.


This is an enormous challenge, and experts from ITK stand at the ready to help and advise at all times.

TU Munich

Socially engaged for people in need.

Assuming our social responsibility is an issue close to our hearts. True to our guiding principle “Partners | Create | Perspectives” we want to offer opportunities for a better life to those around us.

As a result, we have been supporting numerous projects since our founding to assist people in dire situations or those requiring care.

We encourage

Harl.e.kin e. V. is a supporter of the Harl.e.kin Premature Infant Aftercare (patrons are Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter and former mayor, Christian Ude). It was founded in 1996 by the employees of the Harlachinger Pediatric Department. The model project of the Children’s Clinic Harlaching began in 2003. Today, it is implemented at 25 locations in Bayern. One special issue is the nursing and psychosocial aftercare for chronically ill children or children at risk during their development, especially premature babies, even after they have been discharged from inpatient care. This structured aftercare is made more difficult through the structure of the health care system, as it does not match either the inpatient or the outpatient sectors of patient care.

We create perspectives.

bhz Stuttgart e.V. is a member of the Diakonisches Werk Württemberg (Social Welfare Service of the Protestant Churches in Württemberg ). It is dedicated to the promotion, employment, support and integration of people with various disabilities. In this respect, bhz conducts distinguished workshops with over 400 employment positions, support and care groups, several residential homes, outpatient care services for individuals with disabilities living independently, a family support service and other accompanying procedures and services.

For a hospital with children in mind.

Since 1997, this foundation has been committed to making hospital stays for typically very sick children in the Olgahospital in Stuttgart a little bit easier through a child-friendly atmosphere. The foundation also helps optimize the psychosocial care of young patients and their parents.

Here children learn how to be children again.

This Munich association, founded in 2015, cares for families in which a parent is battling cancer. At the heart of the association’s work are children, who often struggle severely with the dramatic changes within their family. The organization invites affected families to adventure camps that take place over several days, in a loving atmosphere.

For greater joy in living.

Lebenshilfe Germersheim is committed to the integration, happiness, and self-determination of children, adults, and seniors with disabilities. Care is offered where help is needed most.

Help for families with premature babies.

A premature birth is an enormous challenge for the child and their parents, as well as for doctors and medical staff. It is precisely in this situation that this parental association offers self-help and individualized care for families.

Linus helps physically disabled children.

Reiterhof Kinderhilfe assists physically disabled children through horse-riding therapy. Thanks to ITK, the association was able to purchase a specially trained therapy horse named Linus.

Help for mothers and children in need.

The Julie-Pfeiffer-Gruppe in Stuttgart is a drop-in emergency center for mothers and their children. The project was particularly appealing to us because of the way in which young, traumatized women are lovingly supported in caring for their young children.

Support for children with incurable diseases and their families.

Stirred and visibly moved, a group of our colleagues handed over our donation to the children’s hospice Sterntaler e.V. in Dudenhofen. The Sterntaler team supports and cares for children with incurable diseases, as well as for their parents and siblings.

For normal interaction with one another.

For years, the Pfennigparade foundation has been performing valuable work for children and adolescents! We support their work with our donations. At the Förderzentrum Phoenix, people with and without disabilities live, study, and work together. Here, children are supported in the development of their motor skills, speech, mental, and social skills.

Assistance for severely disabled children.

The association supports severely disabled children along with their parents and siblings with the Temporary Living project, for example. While handing over our donation, our colleagues were deeply affected by the care that employees exhibit towards the residents and the extent to which the parents are involved.

A bit of normalcy for severely ill children.

The association makes it possible for severely ill children to attend school virtually via videoconferencing. Our colleagues in Frankfurt presented the donation and were very impressed by the association’s commitment.

Standing up for civil courage.

The ITK team is delighted to provide a donation to support a poetry slam hosted by the association Zivilcourage für ALLE e.V.. This Munich association seeks to raise awareness in the public for civil courage.

Helping young adults start over.

The Johannes-Falk-Haus in Stuttgart offers young homeless people a roof and a new home. We support this institution with various projects and by arranging potential apprenticeships and jobs.

Assistance in finding a personal opportunity.

The team at Horizont e.V. in Munich came up with a truly unique idea: children draw and make animated videos as part of their art therapy. ITK supports this project with a donation and a tailor-made room for editing animation.

Determining one’s own life.

We also provided our support to the association Arbeits- und Lebensgemeinschaft Bad Boll e.V. At a performance by the integrated theater workshop, our colleagues in Stuttgart handed over our donation.

Getting a second chance.

ITK has also donated to the Association Seehaus e.V.. Our colleagues in Stuttgart visited the organization and learned how young offenders are prepared to lead a crime-free life after prison.

The companion for sick children and their families.

The association Weggefährten supports families whose children suffer from cancer. The association relies on donations. The ITK team from Braunschweig therefore decided to support the work of this association.

Help for people who need comprehensive care.

There is a time to embrace, and a time to bid farewell. The Förderverein Palliativstation Harlaching makes interdisciplinary care available to patients and their relatives in the patients’ last stage of life.

Children who need a place to play.

The caregivers at the day-care facility “Kleine Strolche” (Little Rascals) in Herxheimweyher place great value in small groups and a trusting, family atmosphere, which is possible only through donations. That is why the ITK team chose to support this small facility.

For a friendly home.

To cover the high costs of care and to fulfill the individual desires of residents, the Braun’sche Foundation is dependent on donations. So the ITK team from Rülzheim chose to donate to the foundation.

There’s no place like home.

The Social Station in Rülzheim has been helping elderly and ill people for over 35 years to live as long as possible at home. We support the association with our donations.

People who need assistance.

The association supports and plans the construction of a hospice in Landau. We are happy to help this association with our donation.

For more strength to fight.

The association Prinzip Hoffnung e.V. fulfills the dearest wishes of critically ill children and supports their families financially. We are very happy to support this association’s many projects with our donation.

Help for dementia patients.

Since 2000, the Alzheimer Society in Marburg-Biedenkopf has assisted people with dementia and their family members who provide care.

A normal vacation despite illness.

The parental association Kinderdialyse in Marburg grants children with kidney conditions a bit of normal life. One goal of the association is to give children with kidney disease, despite their illness, a chance to have a wonderful summer vacation at the North See or in the mountains.

Support for children’s cancer research.

ITK supports the Madeleine Schickedanz Foundation to promote children’s cancer research and therefore improve the survival rates of affected children.


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