Our goal: a true partnership.

A dependable partner.

Secure employment? That is what ITK offers. Instead of hiring on a project-to-project basis, we are interested in a long-term, collaborative partnership with our employees. We communicate on equal footing with all our employees – regardless of whether they are students, colleagues, interns, supervisors, or board members. Each supervisor takes on the role of mentor for his or her team because we live out the principles of open, exchange-oriented leadership. Proactive collaboration is highly valued at ITK! For example, do you have suggestions for improvement? Let us know! This is exactly the kind of commitment that moves us forward.

In addition to the job, we wish to offer you enough freedom to refuel or pursue your own good ideas. A fruitful partnership is based on trust, job security, and respectful interaction as well as creative, open space for individual development. We seek to be a good and dependable partner not only for our clients, but above all for you, our employees.

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Work-life balance and a family-friendly work environment.

We know how important it is for our employees to have time outside of work for themselves and their loved ones. Career and family should not be in conflict. Only people who also have time for children, family, friends, and hobbies can effectively relax and recharge.

Admittedly, working at ITK is demanding. In order to satisfy our customers, we all give 100%. For this, we need smart and well-rested thinkers. To that end, a balanced work-life ratio is profitable for our company over the long run.

How do we achieve this work-life balance? In a very concrete way, we offer you the following, for example:

  • flexible working hours
  • compensatory time off
  • support for diverse sports activities
  • parental leave is actively supported
  • 30 days of vacation per year
  • individualized coaching
  • regular team events

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Remaining in motion and growing together – that is our objective. At ITK, continual professional development and personal continuing education are strong components of our company philosophy. From day one, we entrust you with your own duties that you complete individually and learn from.

Despite our lean organizational structure, there are many opportunities to advance. Whether as team manager, project manager, or expert advisor, at ITK you can take on a position of responsibility. As the company grows, additional leadership positions are being created and are filled to a large majority from our own ranks. Each member of the team can bring something to the table and contribute to moving the company forward along its path of growth. That is precisely what makes working with us so exciting.

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Training & Development.

We do not lay out a static, standard career path for you. After all, you are not a standardized person, but an individual with unique goals and strengths. These are precisely what we want to foster.

Talk to your team manager about your individual opportunities for development. Together, you can define your objectives and vision for the future. With our numerous offers for continuing education and customized coaching opportunities, we support you on your career path.

With the appropriate experience and qualifications you could, for example:

  • take on responsibility for client projects as project leader
  • become an expert advisor in a particular area of expertise – such as functional safety, for example.
  • support colleagues as a team manager and help plan their career paths, taking into account their strengths.

These are just a few examples of possible development paths at ITK – positions that call for your commitment and sense of responsibility.

Compensation and feel-good benefits.

We depend on your performance. So that should be rewarded! The salary is one piece of the puzzle, and each employee also earns “treats” unique to ITK.

Your work and commitment are worth a lot to us. In addition to a salary in line with qualifications, we also offer our employees attractive benefits that help you feel even more welcome at ITK:

  • 30 vacation days per year! That is 10 days more than the legal requirement. If you do not use all your vacation days in a year, they will not expire.
  • contribution to the company pension plan
  • various company celebrations
  • numerous services for a good work-life balance
  • and much more…

Open-ended contracts are standard at ITK. After all, we are committed to our employees and want to pursue a long-term partnership with them. In order to cultivate this partnership and integrate new colleagues, each team receives a yearly budget for team events. Team members themselves decide what to do with the funds. This has resulted in a wide variety of team events, from a tour on the roof of Olympic Stadium in Munich and wine tastings to rafting trips.

In addition, the company supports additional activities such as regulars’ tables (Stammtische) and sports associations. Whether you climb or ski, or play soccer or volleyball: at ITK, you can stay active outside of the office.

Diverse projects and tasks.

At ITK, no two projects are the same. Involvement with different projects, development phases, and clients allows you to continuously broaden your skill set. You can expect diverse tasks and innovative projects that give you a chance to bring your knowledge to the table – and very quickly add to your expertise. This means new challenges to master at every turn. While doing so, you can consistently count on the support of your colleagues. An entire ITK team often works on a client project; some teams have 40 members.

Working in different fields also makes each project exciting in its own way. As an extended workbench of research and development departments, we are active in all phases of the software-development process – including specification, implementation, and verification. This means that you can experience various projects firsthand, individual development phases in detail, and development as a whole. By working on ITK projects you will, in a way, help design the future for coming generations.

Project diversity does not mean, however, that you have to start a new project every couple days. Instead, because our partnerships with clients are long-term, we also ensure continuity and stability for our employees – in addition to work characterized by variety.

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