Distinction for ITK

Head out of that meeting with a customer and hurry over to pick up the kids from school, log into a video conference again – day-to-day life for many parents in Germany looks a lot like this. Reconciling work and family is indeed a recurring challenge that has only become greater in times of the coronavirus. This makes it all the more important for companies to step up and help employees strike the right balance between their jobs and family life.

ITK Engineering ranks among Germany’s family-friendliest employers

In a recent study, Europe’s leading employer assessment platform kununu and the women’s magazine freundin asked employees of all professions and career levels to rate their employers’ family-friendliness. The results of more than two million evaluations of 2,000 enterprises flowed into this study, one was ITK Engineering.

The respondents’ votes elevated the Rülzheim-based tech company into fourth place in the Research/ Development/ Science/ Market Research category and earned it the distinction of being among the family-friendliest companies in Germany.

Employees evaluate ITK Engineering’s family-friendliness

Each participant had the opportunity to anonymously rate managers’ conduct, the working atmosphere, work-life balance, equal opportunities, career and continuing professional development, salaries and social benefits, and how the company treats colleagues aged 45 and over.

“We are delighted with this distinction of being one of the family-friendliest companies in Germany, especially seeing as how this rating comes from those best qualified to judge us – our employees,” says Michael Englert, founder and CEO of ITK Engineering. This distinction is not the first of its kind for the company. ITK Engineering won Focus Business and kununu’s TOP Employer award for the seventh time running in spring of 2020.

Striking the right work-family balance as part of the corporate culture

“Having a career and a family should not be a contradiction in terms,” says Sylvia Stiasny, HR Manager at ITK Engineering. “We believe that satisfied employees are the key to a healthy, successful company. That’s why we want to respond to the needs of each individual employee as individually as possible.”

ITK offers everything from flexible working hours and mobile working to mentoring and coaching programs and joint recreational activities. Of course, family-friendly work schemes are not limited to employees with families. That option is open to the entire workforce, including childless employees. The enterprise wants every individual regardless of age, gender, background or function to feel free to take advantage of flexible working opportunities without having to worry about any drawbacks. “After all, the work-life balance is a key prerequisite for employee satisfaction and sustainable success,” says Stiasny.

Mobile working options win over employees and management

That is clearly the case these days, with ITK usually leaving it up to employees to decide when and where to work. Most have been doing so from home rather than the office since early March. “Of course, working at home is not the same as working in a communal office, and it is not the perfect scheme for everyone – at least not permanently,” says Stiasny. “All in all, though, the virtual collaboration is going very well among colleagues as well with our customers. However, personal contacts and particularly the impromptu conversations that we believe only take place in the office or during joint activities are still very important for us. We would like to continue offering work schemes that are in step with the modern working world and consider the current personal situation.

Pia Kilian