Ready for blast-off in the new season.

This season serves as yet another round of ITK support for student teams in developing their race cars. On Saturday, we initiated the kick-off. With our affiliates at Bosch Engineering, we gathered together 60 Formula Students from all over Germany to prepare them for the beginning season.

Students spent time in varying workshops geared toward the necessary requirements – of course, it was always about the development of racing rockets! From requirements analysis to implementation to verification and validation – the model-based approach enables an integrated software development with advantages to quality, complexity and development speed. Stefan and Christoph from our motorsport team taught the students this efficient method of software development in a hands-on oriented workshop.

In addition to these themes, the areas EMV and high-voltage, cable harnesses, CAN and the business management control workshop were also part of the program. We hope to have made a good start in the new season possible for the teams and look forward to the coming get-togethers as the season progresses! 🙂

p.s. Not only in the race cars, but also in the most varying fields, model-based development approaches are used in our projects. Are you still looking for a suitable job for you? Than have a look-see here:

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