Seven days of complete concentration and passion.

From 6 to 12 August, “our home game”, Formula Student Germany 2018, finally happened in Hockenheim. After the students had prepared themselves for a full year, with full concentration and passion, and worked meticulously in anticipation of this competition, the big week, was now standing at the door.

More than 100 teams participated in this year’s competition with their race cars, putting their constructions to the test. After the technical inspection, the race cars, from three different categories (internal combustion, electric and driverless), did not only have to prove on the race track what power lied within them. Apart from disciplines like skidpad and trackdrive, the race cars also needed to be persuasive in the areas of design and costs to snag the highly coveted first place.

Our specialists from the motorsport department assisted “our” three teams energetically, from the planning and construction phase all the way to the final event in Hockenheim, and have great respect for the performance of the students.

We congratulate all participants for their exceptional performance and are already looking forward to the coming year at the Formula Student Germany.


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Saskia Hoffmann