Functional Safety - What is it? And what role do we play in this?

A person walks carelessly across the street, the emergency brake system of the car breaks. Even today, driver assistance functions are providing for more safety on the streets at present. The functional safety of the system plays an essential role here. It ensures that unwarranted risks caused by failures in E/E systems can be avoided – for example, that the emergency break assistant does not inadvertently induce a full application of the break caused by electronic malfunction.

The future will certainly not be boring for the colleagues in functional safety. The combination of safety and artificial intelligence or the common observation of functioncal safety and Automotive SPICE are just two examples that offer a lot of room for exciting projects in the coming years.

In addition, we are also always searching for new colleagues in this area. Here you can take a look at our job offers.

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Saskia Hoffmann