Driving without a driver – safer thanks to Project AutoKonf.

One control unit, two functions.

How can automated driving be designed for safety? Various companies have been focused on this question since 2016 through involvement in the project “AutoKonf”, which is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Within 3 years, collaborative research has been conducted for automatic reconfigurable actuator controls for fail-safe, automated driving functions. Along with ITK, four other German companies were involved in the development of control unit. In the project, ITK was responsible for the development of system requirements and the system architecture, including safety concepts.

The collaboratively developed solution is both technically as well as economically efficient: by creating a system through which both the functions of the brakes and the steering are taken over in an error, a redundant use of components can be avoided. This way, additional necessary construction space can be economized.

Through this collaboration in the funded project, ITK contributes to reducing complexity and making automated driving safer.

You can learn more about the functionality of the control unit in this video.

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