Save lives with RescueWave®.

Reaching injured people faster.

RescueWave® – for rapid and effective assistance. Emergency medical specialists thus receive an overview of catastrophes and mass-casualty incidents in real time. Responsible parties receive all information immediately and can provide clear instructions – which permits rapid, effective responses and treatment that saves lives.

RescueWave® displays:

  • Information in real time
  • The mobile triage device Rescue.Node immediately makes all information visible for everyone involved.
  • How many victims have been triaged and what were the results?
  • Automatic registration and localization of victims
  • Display of triage process, transport instructions, and first-aid measures
  • Identification and prioritization of victims
  • Which victims are still on site? Who has already been transported?
  • Detailed information on victims is visible instantly
  • Allocation of victims to ambulances and hospitals
  • Which rescue teams are on site? What is still needed? What needs to be requested?
  • Clearly prepared information and statistics provide a reliable basis for decision-making

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