Students develop based on an Arduino platform: virtual drumsticks

From the 1st to the 2nd of December 2018, the “TUM: Junge Akademie” (TUM: Young Academy) organized their very own Science Hackathon for the first time. Two days long, there was uninterrupted hacking and coding -Result: Team ITK wins! Using an Arduino microcontroller platform, four students supported by ITK engineers developed virtual drumsticks. The result was not only to be seen, but also heard: the drumsticks, which are furnished with acceleration sensors, produced music via smartphone app!

ITK University representative Stefan reporting on the event: “Our team consisted of two students of electrical engineering and computer sciences engineering, a chemist and a student of mathematics – a colorful mix of know-how. The work was able to be divided smoothly into four independent work packets within the framework where each could  contribute their own individual strengths.This has also been serving us well as can be seen by our award.”

Altogether, a total of 8 student teams had the chance to spend the night at the FMI Magistral FMI Magistrale in Garching to work on their software solutions. The atmosphere was incredible!

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Pia Kilian