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Since February 2021, our ISSP team has been supported by Miriam, a PreMaster student at ITK. We talked to Miriam about what her activities are and how she came to ITK:

Miriam, with the PreMaster program we offer Bachelor graduates the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience between their Bachelor and Master studies. What did you study in your bachelor’s degree?

I studied Media Management at the Stuttgart Media University (HdM), a 7-semester program leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

How long does the PreMaster at ITK Engineering last?

My practical phase initially lasts eight months. After that, I’ll start my master’s degree. I would like to complete my master’s degree at the HdM in media management. This has a standard period of study of 3 semesters, so my complete PreMaster program will take about two years.

Why did you decide on a PreMaster program?

The program offers me the opportunity to gain a lot of practical experience, depending on the program structure of the PreMaster, you go through several stations. In addition, I can do my master’s and be challenged and encouraged. There is usually the possibility to continue working as a student trainee during the program and they offer HR and mentoring events.

What are your responsibilities at ITK?

My area of responsibility is very multifaceted. I work on a “new”, agile project, which makes it particularly exciting.

My main activities include marketing activities, sales as well as helping to shape the project.

How did you get in touch with ITK?

In 2019 I did an internship at Bosch, this is where I first got involved with ITK and the PreMaster program. Then, when I saw that a position was advertised, I applied for it directly. I wanted to work in a company that works on innovative topics, in areas that are future-oriented. I like ITK because it has a very family-like character and everyone treats each other as equals ūüėä.

Would you recommend the program to others?

Definitely! It offers me the opportunity to gain important practical experience after my bachelor’s degree and is the perfect mix of practice and knowledge for my master’s degree.

One advantage is that the program can be very individualized. Questions such as “do I need a longer practical phase” or “in which stations would I like to gain an insight” can be tailored to the individual student.

Thank you very much for the interview, Miriam!


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