Automated driving – next exit: future.

Connected cars, automated driving, self-driving taxis. These buzzwords are constantly crossing, not just our path, but also that of students at (technical) universities and colleges.

The development of automated driving functions is making vast leaps forward. And what is especially important to watch out for? At a total of 21 professorships, distributed throughout 13 secondary education institutes, our colleagues have traveled far and wide to bring young blossoming engineers closer to the methods of automated driving in the framework of a college presentation. Here, it’s not discipline alone that is sought. Next to the verification and validation of driver assistance systems on the basis of simulation models, we also touch in our presentation on the cognitive solutions, computer vision and aspects of safety & security.

Enough theory? You can imagine also bringing the self-driving vehicle to the streets? Perfect, just visit our job offers.

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Saskia Hoffmann