What do driver assistance systems, steering systems and headlights on a vehicle have in common?

Correct! These systems create more safety on the streets and must therefore be high quality. But this high quality necessity is seldom given over the whole life cycle of such a system and product recalls by automobile manufacturers are no longer a rarity today. The ever-shortening development cycles despite enormously increasing functionality and complexity of the sub-functions, the high degree of connectivity in combination with higher maturity level requirements, and the constant competition with competitors can, in connection with a tight personal budget, lead from quality problems all the way to system failures. For this reason, the assurance of a high, verifiable software quality is an essential and increasingly important aspect, particularly in automotive software development.

What exactly is our role in this? The software quality assurance team of specialists located in Rülzheim are working for a large part in the automotive environment, for example for suppliers or sports car manufacturers. The team members come primarily from the automotive field and were already able to gather many years of project experience in the software development arena. The typical tasks of our colleagues from this field range from process consulting, maturity level evaluation in accordance with A-SPICE, operative quality assurance in the project, and even including code quality analysis and requirements management.

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