ITK is a Fair Company

Your future is important to us

We support you in your passion for engineering challenges, your commitment in the team setting, and your desire to make things happen. As a Fair Company – an initiative of the German Junge Karriere organization – we guarantee you the following:

We ...

  • do not replace full-time employees by interns or long-term temporary staff
  • do not abuse the expectations of university graduates who have applied for a permanent position by offering them an internship
  • do not mislead interns with vague prospects of a subsequent permanent position without being able to deliver
  • offer students internships predominantly for professional orientation during their studies
  • pay interns, master and bachelor candidates, and student employees appropriate salaries

ITK is a "Fair Company“ – which means that we offer interns, bachelor and master candidates and student employees a real chance instead of empty promises.

What can you expect from us as an employer? To mention a few things: effective familiarization, continuous professional support, and full integration in the team. If at the end you fit our profile and we fit your expectations, we look forward to welcoming you as a permanent employee. This happens fairly often – many of our former interns and degree candidates are now full-time employees. Incidentally, fitting our profile means that your performance and your commitment, your ability to work in a team, and your passion for engineering challenges meet our expectations.

Now is the time to pave the way for a successful career – learn about our job openings for students.