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Celebrating its 20th anniversary, ITK supports 20 social projects

100.000 € donation for a good cause


As part of the celebrations for its 20th company anniversary, ITK Engineering AG has launched its social project “ITK moves people”. With this motto, ITK Engineering AG donates a total of 100.000 € to 20 social institutions aiming to sup-port regional social projects.

“Entrepreneurial responsibility and social commitment have always been im-portant to us. Since our company was founded, we have supported several projects to help people in need. We consider ourselves a part of society and want others to participate in our success. Using the occasion of our jubilee, we set up the project ‘ITK moves people’. This means that we will support one regional social institution for every year of our 20 year history”, says Michael Englert, founder and chief executive officer of ITK Engineering.

Four donations to social projects have already been realized:

  • As a starting point of ITK Engineering’s social activities, two employees visited Reiterhof Kinderhilfe e.V., a horse riding center that provides horse therapies to physically handicapped children. The institution focuses on hippotherapy, therapeutic horseback riding and vaulting as well as common riding lessons. The movements and the rhythm of the horses have several positive influences on the hippotherapy patients. With the donation from ITK Engineering the riding center is able to buy an additional horse to provide more vaulting therapy hours to handi-capped children.

  • Furthermore, ITK Engineering made a donation to the Julie-Pfeiffer-Gruppe, an institution that supports young, single or traumatized moth-ers in Stuttgart. Thanks to ITK Engineering’s donation, it is possible for Marina Schmidt and her team to expand the institution and thus help more women.

  • ITK Engineering employees from Rülzheim handed over another dona-tion to Kinderhospiz Sterntaler, a hospice providing palliative care for children with a terminal illness. This institution has to rely on donations to be able to support also their whole family during hard times.

  • ITK Engineering also supports the Conductive Education Centre of the Phoenix GmbH, an organization within the foundation Pfennigparade in Munich. This institution offers an extensive support and therapy program to children, teenagers and adults with cerebral motor disorders.

More social donations are planned

Within the upcoming months, 16 additional social donations will be made to institutions helping people in need. For ITK Engineering, it is important that their employees are involved in the realization of these social activities. All employees were asked to suggest social projects from their region, vote for the 20 institutions to be donated to, and hand over the donation by themselves. “The extent to which these institutions help our society is impressive. We are very pleased to contribute in their valuable work”, says Michael Englert.

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