Seven Partners from the Scientific and Industrial Communities Are Researching a New Solution

Help for People Suffering from Affective Disorders or Dementia: BMBF Funds the Development of an Emotion-sensitive Assistance System

In the framework of the EmAsIn project, seven scientific and industrial partners recently joined forces to develop a new assistance system for people suffering from affective disorders or dementia. The assistance system is intended to receive a high degree of personalization, recognize habitual human communication patterns, deduce emotional and mental states from these patterns, and ultimately evolve from a technical tool into a competent assistant thanks to innovative interaction concepts.

The project, dubbed “Emotion-sensitive Assistance Systems for Reactive Psychological Interaction with People” or “EmAsIn” for short, is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in connection with the federal government’s High-Tech 2020 strategy. It forms part of the InterEmotio program, which promotes the evolution of technical tools into interactive assistants by means of systems sensitive to social and emotional contexts for optimized human-machine interaction.

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