ITK Expertise in Demand:

ITK Engineering in DIN-committee for IT-Security Procedures


Christian Wenzel-Benner, specialist at ITK Engineering, is the new head of the DIN-working group “IT-Security Techniques and Mechanisms”

ITK Engineering AG is now a member of the national standardization committee formed by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). Christian Wenzel-Benner (M.Sc.) was sent to the DIN committee for IT security by ITK Engineering and was recently elected ‘IT security’ Working Group Leader by the com-mittee members. Christian Wenzel-Benner is also one of the Deputy Chairman of the Working Committee NIA 27, the mirror committee of the international standardization body JTC 1/SC 27 “IT-Security Techniques”. About 10 company representatives and scientists form the working group “IT-security Techniques and Mechanisms” are working on the development of standards for universal methods and techniques to provide IT-security. The focus, among others, will be on cryptographic methods. With Christian Wenzel-Benner's commitment in this working group, ITK Engineering is actively involved in national and international standardization processes.

Ensuring Competence through Committee Work

In addition to the DIN-committee, ITK Engineering AG is a member of various other committees, clusters and support programs like CRYSTAL (Critical Systems Engineer-ing Acceleration), EUROCAE/RTCA, and SafeTrans. These groups allow ITK to actively participate in the development of security standards and new methods for developing safety-critical software. Customers of ITK Engineering AG can then benefit from the integrated consulting and development services with the very latest standards and methods – starting with functional and technical safety concepts, to the selection and development of cryptographic algorithms, on through to security engineering.

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